Kindness - World Kindness Day Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Are you tired of the constant emails, social media drops and news feeds telling us how many days it is until Christmas? Or the pressure to buy things because of Early Black Friday sales? I think we all are aware of what date it is, and we all have a calendar somewhere.

Christmas can bring extra financial burdens to many and with the recent massive increase costs of household bills, groceries and fuel, this year will prove to be more testing than ever.

Whether you celebrate Eid, Hanukkah, Diwali or Christmas the expectations of gift giving have totally gotten out of hand. It can sometimes feel like it’s an obligation rather than a choice, are you just buying because you feel obliged to for something you have received? Money Saving genius Martin Lewis has been suggesting we do something about this for years.

Kindness - World Kindness Day Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Saturday 13th November 2021 is World Kindness Day, so perhaps it is time to be kind to ourselves as well as others?

Kindness doesn’t need to be shown materialistically. So instead of feeling like you must buy something unnecessarily, why not make a pact with your friends and larger family circle not to do it this year? If you can afford it make a donation/some of your time to a local food bank or charity, they definitely need our help this year.

Of course, there are many other ways to show kindness. Bringing in a neighbour’s bin or clearing an elderly person’s path on an icy morning. Being courteous on the road, holding a door open for someone, calling someone who might need a chat. Years ago, these ideas were just good manners, but our busy lives seem to have overtaken the simple things in life.

Generally, just being more aware of others and what might be going on in their life. Sometimes even a smile can spread a little joy.

As Oscar Wilde said; “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

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