Covid 19 Spring Booster Vaccination Service

Covid-19 Vaccination Service Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Our Covid-19 Spring Booster campaign is now available from Pharmhealth pharmacy in the heart of DCU Glasnevin Campus . The following cohort is now being encouraged by the HSE / NIAC to get their Spring Covid Booster Vaccine:

  • All persons aged 70 years and older 
  • Those aged 18 years and over with a weak immune system
  • Those living in a nursing home or residential care facility for older adults.

If you are looking to book an appointment for a booster Covid-19 vaccination, please note that if your not in the current HSE recommended group for a booster vaccine then your appointment will be cancelled. If you attend for your scheduled booster vaccination, we will always check eligibility at this stage. Ineligible patients will not be vaccinated.

How it works


Select Your age category


Complete your online pre-consultation form

Choose the button underneath to answer a questionnaire which will help to reduce time spent in the pharmacy when you come for your booster vaccination. 

Once completed and submitted check your email for correspondence from us.

Separate additional emails may also be sent giving you extra information and reminding you of your scheduled Covid-19 Booster vaccination..


Schedule you Covid-19 Booster Vaccination

Choose a specific appointment time during pharmacy hours (9am to 6pm)



Go to pharmacy for your vaccination

First ensure you read the current vaccine information leaflet to gather informed information regarding the vaccine. Pfizer BioNTech /Moderna leaflet along with additional emails that may have been sent. 

Don’t forget to bring a valid format of ID (such as Driver’s Licence, Passport or Public Services Card) along with your PPSN with you.

Please wear loose sleeved appropriate clothing to allow easy access for the vaccinator for vaccinating.

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