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Covid Winter Booster Vaccination Service 2023

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Our Covid Winter Booster campaign has now been completed for the majority of people and we await further guidance from the HSE in relation to a Spring Vaccination Campaign.

The only cohort currently  being encouraged by the HSE / NIAC to get their  Covid Vaccine:

  • All persons who are pregnant.
  • Those who have never had a Covid vaccine and wish to get a rimary vaccine

What is the time period I can get my booster vaccine since my last Covid Booster?

The recommended interval between the autumn booster and the last booster dose is 6 months. In exceptional cases the minimum interval of 3 months between booster doses can be used, where deemed necessary by the pharmacist.

Can I get the Flu Vaccine with the Covid Booster?

The NIAC have recommended that both vaccines can be administered at the same time.
If you are looking to book an appointment for a booster Covid-19 vaccination, please note that if your not in the current HSE recommended group for a booster vaccine then your appointment will be cancelled. If you attend for your scheduled booster vaccination, we will always check eligibility at this stage. Ineligible patients will not be vaccinated.Winter

How it works


Check you are eligible for an Autumn Booster Vaccine


Complete your online pre-consultation form

Choose the button underneath to answer a questionnaire which will help to reduce time spent in the pharmacy when you come for your booster vaccination. 

Once completed and submitted check your email for correspondence from us.

Separate additional emails may also be sent giving you extra information and reminding you of your scheduled Covid-19 Booster vaccination..


Scheduling you Covid-19 Booster Vaccination

Once you have submitted your form we will ring you to arrange an appointment time during pharmacy hours (9am to 6pm)

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