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Halloween Safety Tips 2023

Halloween Safety Tips 2023

Halloween Safety Tips 2023 Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Samhain 2023

Are you planning to go out and celebrate Halloween this year? Whether you’re looking forward to a night of clubbing, attending a thrilling gig or spooky theatre performance, dancing the night away at a teen disco, or simply going trick or treating; Pharmhealth wants to ensure that you have a truly spooktacular time. We care about your safety and want to provide you with some valuable tips to make your night fangtastically safe.👻


Parents should be aware of the potential dangers of their children wearing fancy dress costumes, either shop bought or home-made, if they’re around fireworks, sparklers, or open flames (such as pumpkins with candles). If a child is wearing a fancy dress costume this Halloween please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • keep away from naked flames – avoid using a naked flame or candle in pumpkins; use a torch, glow stick or battery-operated candle;
  • stop, drop and roll if clothing does catch on fire – to try to put the flames out and also to stop the flames from rising towards the face;
  • choose a costume and/or mask that doesn’t restrict a child’s visibility, vision or breathing;
  • It is recommended to wear woollen tightsHalloween Safety Tips 2023 Pharmhealth Pharmacy or ‘heavy’ trousers (jeans) and a woollen jumper under the costume to act as a barrier between the costume and skin and supervise children well at all times.



Halloween Safety Tips 2023 Pharmhealth Pharmacy

If you’re planning to take your children out for trick-or-treating, here are some essential tips to make the most of the evening:

  • Determine a clear trick-or-treating route: Before setting out, plan a route that includes familiar and well-lit neighbourhoods. Stick to areas where you and your children feel comfortable and safe.
  • Ensure visibility with a flashlight or safety vest: As the night progresses, it can get dark, making it essential to stay visible to passing vehicles. Carrying a flashlight or wearing a safety vest will help ensure drivers can see you and your little trick-or-treaters.
  • Accompany your children to the door: For younger children, accompany them to the door of each house when trick-or-treating. This extra support will make them feel secure and confident during the adventure.
  • Inspect treats before indulging: This is one of the Halloween safety tips that people often forget about. However, it is very important! When you return home, gather with your children to inspect their Halloween haul. Look for any unwrapped or suspicious-looking treats or potential allergens and remove them for safety’s sake.

Heading Out for the Night?

Sorry to kill the buzz on your spontaneity. While clubbing is all about having fun, it’s important to remember that this is nightlife, and darker things come out at night.

Like any other night out in pubs and clubs, this Halloween; stay with your mates, be cautious about your drinks and ensure everyone gets home after having a good night. The best nights happen when we keep an eye on each other! And the same as for the children, be aware of naked flames, sparklers or fireworks.

  • Remember there is safety in numbers. 
  • Keep an eye on your drinks at all times.
  • Drink water too! 
  • Leave any unneeded cards, money, keys and accessories at home.
  • Know how you’re getting home
  • Party smart and listen to your intuition.


If you are out and suspect you may have been spiked, you can take the following steps..

1. Notify someone you trust

This could be a friend, member of staff or security or a healthcare professional.

2. Seek medical help

This is particularly important if you if you feel drowsy, unwell or are experiencing hallucinations/visual issues.

3. Contact the Gardaí

If you feel comfortable, you can report what happened to the Gardaí. In an emergency, please call 999 or 112.

4. Inform the venue

If you feel comfortable, you can inform the venue that you were spiked. 


As Halloween approaches, we hope these safety tips help you have a fun and worry-free evening. Whether you’re giving out candy or going trick or treating, following these guidelines will ensure a spooktacular Halloween for everyone involved! Happy Halloween!🎃

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