Prescription Collection & Delivery Service

Your hassle-free* prescription service starts HERE at Pharmhealth Pharmacy. We will work with your Doctor to arrange and deliver your prescription medicines.

* Terms and condition apply

Blister Pack Medication

We can make managing your medication much easier with our tailored Blister Packing of your medication.

Personalized Medication Guide

We can provide you with a medication guide outlinng details of all your current prescription medication you are taking along with other useful particulars. A useful sheet to have at hand in the event of an emergency.

Generic Drugs vs Brand Medicines

We outline the similarities and differences between generic and brand medicines which you may not be familiar to you.

Government Medicine Schemes

There are various government run schemes available which may reduce the amount you pay for your medication. We can help you find the most suitable one for you and assist you in filling in an application to ensure the outcome is succcessfull and within a quick time frame.

Extemporaneous Compounding

Occasionally there are times when a medicine is not available 'Off the shelf' from a drug manufacturer to enable you to take your medicine easily. At Pharmhealth Pharmacy, we try to source or compound alternative formulations of medicines to make it easier for you to take your medicine correctly.
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