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SizeUK Shoe Size
S4.5 - 6.5
M7 - 8.5
L9 - 11

Scholl GelActiv Sports Insoles for Men

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Scholl GelActiv Sport Insoles designed specifically for athletic footwear and are proven to effectively support the pressure of  running, sports and weight-bearing activities put on the feet.

Fits Shoe size UK 7-12

Key Features:

  • Sole shape design for extra comfort
  • Absorbs shocks and helps reduce excessive pressure of running or sports.
  • Strong Arch supportand cushioning, ideal for fitting athletic footwear.

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Size Guide

How to Use

  • For best results remove the insole from the shoe or sports boot
  • Insert the insole with gel side down.
  • Cut to shape of sole where necessary
  • Replace after 6 months or showing signs of wear.


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