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Opticrom Allergy Single Dose 2% Eye Drops (20)


Opticrom Allergy Single Dose Eye Drops bring relief from hayfever and allergy eyes It contains an antihistamine and is used to treat red, watery, itchy eyes caused by allergies such as hay fever.
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Also available as Opticrom Allergy Drops 10ml

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This medicine is sold on the condition that it is to be used in accordance with recommendations for use as contained on the packaging and associated leaflets. I confirm that I am purchasing it for that use and am over 18 years of age. I agree to be contacted by a Pharmacist if they deem it necessary.

How to Use

How to Use

Adults and Children:
The recommended dose is
• 1 or 2 drops in each eye
• 4 times a day.
You must talk to a doctor if you do not feel better or if you feel worse.

Using this medicine
This medicine is for use in the eyes only (ocular use).
Do not swallow it.
• First wash your hands.
• Break off one single-dose container from the strip.
• Open the container by bending or twisting the tab – use it as soon as you have opened it.
• Tilt your head back.
• Pull down your lower eye lid.
• Squeeze 1 or 2 drops inside the eye lid – without touching your eye with the container.
• Close your eye.
• Wipe away any liquid from around the eye with a clean tissue. Then do the same to put the drops in the other eye. After use, throw away the container and any medicine left in it –
do not use again.

Contact lens wearers:
As with most topical eye medications, if you wear contact lenses,
you should remove them before using Opticrom Single Dose.
After using this product, you should wait 15 minutes before
putting your contact lenses back in.



  • The active substance is sodium cromoglicate. Each single dose
    container contains 20 mg/ml of sodium cromoglicate.
  • The other ingredients are sodium chloride and purified water

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