Bloateze – 20 Tablets


Bloateze is a combination of 2 active ingredients (simethicone and activated carbon), has a dual action and relieves bloating, cramping and pain in the digestive system. Begins to work in 15 mins. Bloateze help you with excess wind, stomach cramping or bloating.

Sorry, Unfortunately we are not able to sell any Over the Counter Medicines to the UK due to the legislation imposed by our pharmacy regulators in Ireland.

How many Bloateze can you take?

You can take 2 tablets two times per day after meals. You can take up to 4 tablets a day. It is recommended to take with a full glass of water.

When should you take Bloateze?

Take Bloateze only when needed. After meals and with plenty water.

How Bloateze Works?

Bloateze relieves the uncomfortable symptoms related to bloating in the stomach and bowels. Bloateze works because it combines the anti-foaming action of simethicone with the gas absorbing action of charcoal. Both active ingredients; simethicone and activated carbon, work in your stomach and bowel. They are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Who is Bloateze for?

It is for adults (over 14 years), who have trapped gas, pain, cramps, and flatulence. Seek medical advice if you are taking any other indigestion remedies or if you are allergic or have a hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.


Each tablet contains 50mg of Simethicone and 300mg of Charcoal.


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