Vichy Dermablend - A staff member's account of her favorite foundation

Vichy Dermablend - A Staff member's account of her favorite foundation. Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Dermablend is a foundation that has been around for many years! 30+ in fact.
It’s a makeup brand that I am very familiar with. As a young child I had a birth mark, a strawberry to be precise. At the age of seven I had this ever-growing red oval shaped mark removed from my left cheek and a skin graft in its place.
Over forty years later I am still left with a scar but one I have come to live with. It’s no longer the bright red reactive mark but it is still a visible scar.
In my later teens I was introduced to camouflage make up which back then consisted of two pots of blending creams that were mixed to cover my flawed cheek. I found these creams impossible to blend and the application alone was a tedious process.
Like everybody I messed around with the regular brands of foundation, but I never found any that would cover my scar.Vichy Dermablend - A Staff member's account of her favorite foundation. Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Then by some miracle I was introduced to Vichy Dermablend Corrective fluid. For a young girl that just wanted to blend in, this was truly a miraculous discovery.

That was many years ago and since then Vichy Dermablend has gone through many more transformations, all for the better.

The light weight 16hour hydrating formula has such high pigment (30%) it works like a concealer, covering up scars, spots, rosacea, tattoos and dark circles and the addition protection of 35 sun protection factor (SPF).

Not only is Dermablend a makeup, it is also a buildable foundation. So as a buildable foundation you can layer it on like a concealer to those ‘FLAWED’ troubling areas of concern.
The easy to use foundation can be applied using the fingertips, something I am a big fan of since they are easily cleaned and are designed naturally to contour the face perfectly.
I also find that the heat alone of my fingertips can improve the texture of any cream. Have you ever noticed that applying a cream in colder weather can affect its consistency?
So it’s important to make sure your creams and foundations are not left on a cold windowsill; oh, and do remember to close the lids! A fully closed lid ensures that the moisture is held within the foundation so that it remains as good as new.
Another application option is to use a more modern sponge or brush, if you wish. However, using these tools also requires the need for regular cleaning and replacing. You might also find that more of the product is absorbed onto the brush or sponge and less left for where you wish to apply it on your face.
Like with all make up you should start with a clean canvass. A very important piece of advice I would offer is to exfoliate your skin up to twice a week. Dead skin cells on the surface are the main cause of a dull complexion, which can also makes for an unstable base for your make up.
Dermablend have introduced more shades to their collection, making it more possible than ever to find your correct colour tone.

Choosing the right foundation for your skin can be a tricky task. From knowing what shade you like to understanding what your skin needs and prefers.

Vichy Dermablend - A Staff member's account of her favorite foundation. Pharmhealth Pharmacy
In recent years, Vichy has introduced a new 3D formula into the Dermablend range which is targeted towards oily blemished skin
Everyone’s skin is different but in general we all want the same results.
So with this 3D formula you will get the same 16hrs of coverage plus the SPF 25, but with the added bonus of salicylic acid in the formula. This foundation not only covers imperfections it improves the skin texture and helps to reduce blemishes.
These one for all foundations are perfect for that fresh-faced look regardless of your skin type, whether it is for dark circles to more serious scars.
The range also consists of a handy compact corrective cream which is again ideal for and touching up while on the go with the added benefit of being waterproof, providing 12hours of coverage and containing an SPF 30.
To finish the look there is no better powder than the Dermablend setting powder. It has a super fine texture, translucent and preserves your foundation for 16 hours. It is ideal for mattifying those shiny patches without adding a congested look to the final effect.
The Vichy Dermablend range is hypoallergenic and free from parabens, is developed by dermatologists for the most sensitive skin.

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