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Healthcare Services

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor Hire

Avail of the lastest technological 24 hour blood pressure monitoring.

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Blood sugar level testing

We provide a blood test to measure your sugar levels to ensure that you are not at risk of developing diabetes.

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Cholesterol Testing

We provide a total cholesterol screening service in-store in our private consultation room.

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Haemoglobin Testing

We provide a blood screening to measure you iron and haemocrit levels.

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Help to Quit Smoking

We’re available to give practical advice and suggestions on helping you to quit smoking. We also have screening devices available to measure you lung’s health before you kick the habit.

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Morning after pill

Price varies €0 – €35

If you feel you may require Emergency Contraception, call in-store and ask to speak to one of our pharmacists in our private consultation room.

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Weight Loss Management Advice

Our trained healthcare staff are available to give you tailored advice and set realistic goals and targets. You can also avail of our online tracker for free by registering an online account with us.

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