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Sterimar Stop and Protect Allergy Response Nasal Spray | 20ml


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Sterimar Congestion Relief is a hypertonic* solution made form 100% natural sea water, enriched with added copper and magnesium salts to help prevent flu contamination**, wash away even thick mucus and rapidly decongest the nose in case of colds and sinusitis.

Sterimar Congestion Relief helps to fight colds, sinusitis and limit the risks of secondary infection by washing out nasal cavities with no known side effects from chemicals like steroids or preservatives that some medications may have.

*Hypertonic solution: solution with a higher slat concentration than cells in the human body for a natural decongestant effect, caled the osmotic effect.

**If exposed to flu airbornes

By cleaning and clearing the nasal passages, Sterimar Congestion Relief helps to rebalance nasal primary functions – removing congestants that block the nose and not allowing it to work properly.

Sterimar is free from drugs, preservatives and steroids making it suitable for all the family including babies from 3 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women – and means it can be used as long as required, 2 to 6 times a day or as directed by your doctor.

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