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Compeed Bunion Plasters (Medium x 5)


Compeeds Bunion Plasters bring to life their hydrocolloid active gel technology giving instant pain relief. They have been designed to fit around the foot and give relief from painful pressure and rubbing.

Key Features:

  • Helps prevent blisters
  • Reduces further hardening of the skin which can lead to other painful skin conditions
  • Fits snugly around the foot

Compeed Bunion Measurement

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How to Use

  1. Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring bunion area is free of creams and oils.
  2. Remove the top paper, then the bottom paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side.
  3. Apply plaster firmly over bunion, ensuring the edges are well smoothed down.
  4. Leave the plaster in a place until it starts to detach. May stay in place for up to several days.
  5. Replace with a new COMPEED® plaster as often as required.


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