Benylin Dual Action Dry Cough Syrup (100ml)


This medicine is used to help relieve symptoms of cold and flu including irritating dry cough and related congestion symptoms.
Suitable for Adults & Children 12 year +

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This medicine is sold on the condition that it is to be used in accordance with recommendations for use as contained on the packaging and associated leaflets. I confirm that I am purchasing it for that use and am over 18 years of age. I agree to be contacted by a Pharmacist if they deem it necessary.

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

  • For oral use only.
  • Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
  • Do not take more medicine than the label tells you to.
  • Do not use to sedate a child.
  • Do not overfill the spoon.
  • There is a double-ended spoon in the pack.

Adults and children aged 12 years and over:

  • Take two large 5 ml spoonfuls every 4 – 6 hours, up to 4 times a day.
  • Do not take more than 4 doses in 24 hours.
  • Leave at least 4 hours between doses.
  • If symptoms persist or worsen talk to your doctor or pharmacist



The active ingredients in 5 ml of Benylin Dual Action Dry are:
Triprolidine hydrochloride 1.25 mg, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride 30 mg and dextromethorphan hydrobromide 10 mg.
Other ingredients are: Sorbitol, sucrose, sodium benzoate (E211), methyl hydroxybenzoate (E218), Ponceau 4R (E124), alcohol, blackberry flavour, levomenthol, vanillin and purified water.

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