Tantastic Fast Drying Self Tan Liquid – Medium Colour (150ml)


Tantastic’s Medium Liquid Tan is a delicately fragranced self tan with a light liquid formula. It dries exceptionally quickly leaving skin feeling soft, supple and moisturised. A number of moisturising ingredients ensure your tan lasts for up to 7 days and your skin is well hydrated! Loved by girls who want to radiate a natural glow all year round!

  • no nasties – alcohol and paraben free!
  • Simple to apply with an instant colour guide
  • Light, fast drying formulation
  • Glycerin moisturises and protects the skin
  • Lasts up to 7 days
  • Non-sticky formulation
  • No fake tan smell
  • 6 % DHA (Dark finished colour)

Also comes in Dark Colour 150ml

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How to Apply

  1. Prepare your skin –
    1. Exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin and allow the tan to be absorbed evenly and easily into the skin.
    2. Wax or shave at least 24 hours before application
    3. Avoid wearing make-up, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions before applying Tantastic, as these may react with the tanning agents.
    4. If you notice any areas where dry skin is obvious (elbows knees etc), simply apply moisturiser and rub in.
    5. Step 2 – Apply!
  2. Apply! –
    1. First, choose the Tantastic tan of your choice (choosing from our lotion, liquid, mousse, gradual or rapid spray tan).
    2. Use a Tantastic Fake Tan Mitt, starting at the neck, work down your body using small circular movements.
    3. * Handy Little Tip: When you get to your legs, apply self tan to the front of your leg while your knee is bent, but when applying to the back of the leg, make sure your leg is completely straight!)
  3. Immediately after your tan is applied
    1. Wear loose clothing to allow your skin room to breathe; a onesie is perfect!
    2. Keep your skin dry (in other words, avoid all contact with water)
      Do not apply any other products over your tan which is still developing
      *Handy Little Tip: Avoid hot drinks (or if you simply have to have a hot cuppa, drink it through a straw because otherwise the steam and contact with the cup might remove tan from around your mouth!)
  4. After your tan has fully developed
    1. Rinse off any remaining colour guide with warm water.
      *Handy Little Tip: Avoid going for a swim in the pool as chlorine will prematurely fade your tan.


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