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Liquivisc Carbomer Eye Gel (10g)


Liquivsic eye gel provides relief from the symptoms of dry eye.
Key Features:

  • Hydrates and lubricates the ocular surface
  • Relieves symptoms of dry eyes
  • Gel formulation retained on the eye, allowing less frequent administration

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Directions for Use

Directions for Use

The lower eyelid should be pulled down and a drop of gel applied to the conjunctival sac up to 4 times daily.

The bottle must be discarded 28 days after opening.

Soft contact lenses should be removed before instillation and can be reinserted 30 minutes after application.



Liquivisc contains 2.5 mg/g carbomer 974P gel in an eye drop formulation with a PH of 7.3 and contains little preservative

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