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Burnshield Hydrogel (50ml)


Burnshield is a sterile gel with natural tea-tree-oil, which  absorbs and dissipates heat which helps to minimise burn damage. It provides cooling for pain relief and shock reduction. Burnshield is clear making it easy to assess the wound. The Burnshield gel is non-stick and will not adhere to wound. It is a natural anti-bacterial: reduce infection. Non toxic. Non irritant. Safe to use on Children.

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How do I Use Burnshield Hydrogel?

Burnshield Hydrogel is used for the treatment of sunburn, superficial / partial thickness burns, rehydration of dressings and difficult to get-to areas.

This gel cools the skin – it provides pain relief and shock reduction.

Burnshield Hydrogel helps prevent infection and the high water content in the gel promotes rapid cooling, resulting in minimising skin damage.

How do I apply Burnshield Hydrogel?

Spray or pour out the required amount of gel from the bottle, and apply liberally.

Then, cover with a plaster or a a non adherent / non adhesive bandage.

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