Anhydrol Forte 20% Cutaneous Solution 60ml


Anhydrol Forte Roll-on Deodorant helps protect against excessive perspiration and sweating. It works as an antiperspirant by blocking sweat ducts in the skin and provides a deodorant by killing the bacteria which causes body odour.
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How to Use

Use only on the armpits, hands or feet.
• Ensure that the treated areas are completely dry before applying the
product. To achieve this:
– do not bathe or shower immediately before applying the product,
– apply it last thing at night, just before going to bed (this is
because your sweat glands tend to be least active while you are
• Before applying the product, ensure the cap is screwed on tightly,
then tip the bottle up to wet the roller-ball. Do not shake the bottle.
• Unscrew the cap and apply the product to the affected areas, as
• Allow the product to dry naturally (this should only take a couple of
minutes), then wash the hands (unless treating them).
• Leave the product on overnight, then wash it off thoroughly in
the morning.
• Initially, apply Anhydrol Forte overnight in this way for two nights in
a row, then do not use the product for the next two nights.
• Repeat this two-nightly treatment cycle for as long as necessary.
• Increase or decrease the frequency of application to suit your own
requirements (but bear in mind that if you experience side effects this
probably means that you are applying it too often).


aluminium chloride hexahydrate 20% w/v


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