Morning After Pill - Emergency Contraception Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Morning After Pill – Emergency Contraception

Morning After Pill - Emergency Contraception Pharmhealth Pharmacy

Things can go wrong no matter how careful you are; if you think you require the Morning After Pill it is important to act quickly.

Commonly referred to as the ‘Morning after pill’, Emergency Contraception (EC) is now available without a prescription in the form of a single tablet called Norlevo or Ella-one.

How can I avail of Emergency Hormonal Contraception through the pharmacy?
Tell a member of staff that you require a private consultation with the pharmacist on duty. Your privacy as always is paramount, so you can trust that your appointment will be treated confidentially. Our trained pharmacist will then introduce you to our private consultation room where a few simple questions will be asked to ascertain the suitability of the medicinefor you. If it is seen that the ‘morning after pill’ is suitable and appropriate for you, a tablet called Norlevo or Ella-one will be given to you.

Advice about long term methods of contraception and information regarding Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI’s) will also be given.

A typical consultation should take no more than 10 minutes and no appointment is necessary. However, if the pharmacy is busy and you would prefer to make an appointment, feel free to use our online appointment booking service or call in and ask a staff member to make one for you.

How long is the ‘morning after pill’ effective for?
The ‘morning after pill’ is effective for up to 96 hours after sexual intercourse. However it is worth noting that its effectiveness decreases with time so it is important to act quickly.
Evidence* indicates that levonorgestrel-based EHC will prevent 95% of expected pregnancies if taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, 85% between 24-48 hours and 58% if used within 48-72 hours.
How much does Emergency Hormonal Contraception cost?
The cost of a consultation, an information pack, follow-up contact details and the medication costs €25 – €35. The variation in choice depends on the medication option chosen and advice given.



 *Task force on postovulatory methods of fertility regulation (1998). Randomised controlled trial of levonorgestrel versus the Yuzpe regimen of combined oral contraceptives for emergency. Lancet 352: 428-433

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