Health Transformation 2021

Health Transformation 2021. Pharmhealth DCU can help you! Pharmhealth Pharmacy

The New Year has arrived and with it the opportunity to make a Health Transformation for 2021.  It’s time to forget about the indulgences over the Christmas season and put your best foot forward to pursue the long term goals you have always dreamed about.

Why choose this New Year then? Well, why not?

We are in the middle of the worst global health pandemics for more than a century. Lockdowns from government have not helped us with the other stark health epidemic – obesity. During this third lockdown and particularly after the festive season I have definitely found myself swaying towards the traps of comfort eating. We are going outside less and socializing less in accordance with Govenment Health Guidelines. The then Minister for Health Simon Harris back in 2017 stated; if things carry on as they are Ireland will be the most obese country in the world by 2020. Thankfully that hasn’t happened, but we could learn a lot from some other countries like Japan and Italy, where the obesity rate is much lower than ourselves. Currently the average Body Mass Index (BMI) of an Irish person in 2020 is 27.5. A person is obese when their Body Mass Index is higher than 30. The BMI measures a person’s weight in relation to their height, giving them a score. A normal BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. Although we don’t come in to the obese range for the average person in Ireland yet we are obove the normal range!

2021 can be Your Year.

Life is short, something this Covid pandemic has shown us. It is so important to live it well. If your planning to overhaul your health by starting a new fitness regime or eating more healthily you should also pay closer attention to what does and doesn’t make you happy. Maybe your emotional wellbeing needs a makeover too? Particularly the extreme mental torture the past 12 months have brought to all of us. Like everything else, keep the good, ditch the bad.

Every individual has the power and control to create their own pathways and destiny.

So how can Pharmhealth help?

Here at Pharmhealth Pharmacy DCU, we are aiming to help you with your specific weight goals during this lockdown.

With that in mind we have added a free weight loss tracker to our online website  

Health Transformation 2021. Pharmhealth DCU can help you! Pharmhealth Pharmacy  

Our online tracker, once your have registered with a user account will enable you to set your target weight, along with recording your weekly weights, giving you a graphical view of your progress as you continue throughout the 8 weeks.

What’s more the tracker will be available to you at any stage after Health Transformation 2021 has ended, to continue you health pursuit throughout the year and beyond.

Even better, each participant* who registers an account with us  online will receive a 20% discount coupon directly to their email which can then be used on all appropriate nutritional aids, including sports nutritional products, vitamins & supplements, ihealth monitoring devices.

*Discount will not be applicable to those items already on offer. (Coupon offer finishes 28/02/2021).

So what exercise can we do indoors and outdoors within our 5km limits?

For some just a brisk walk three times a week will get you off the couch and into a proper exercise routine. There are also plenty of online aids getting you from ‘Couch to 5k’ like #Parkrun.

Remember to take it slowly if you are not used to regular exercise. Going at it aggressive initially can have a negative affect in the long term. Small steps and often is probably the best approach. 

Indoors there is plenty to choose from. A recent hit with fellow mums is Caroline Girvan. 

Caroline began training with clients from her home gym, but when the first lockdown hit in March she wasn’t able to work.

In April she uploaded her first video to YouTube to help her family, friends and clients who were all stuck indoors.

Soon she was getting feedback from people she didn’t know saying they were doing my workouts and it was really helping them.

She believes it is her genuine authenticity which attracts Mum’s like her. They see her struggling and sweating and take inspiration from it.

You can find Caroline’s workouts on YouTube by searching ‘Caroline Girvan’. She is also on Instagram @CarolineGirvan and has just launched a group page on Facebook called ‘Caroline Girvan Community’.

Don’t forget that exercise doesn’t have to have you on your knees either. A simple you tube yoga or Pilates class mixed in during the week can help with mobility and increase the strength and elasticity of your musculature in the longer term. These type of classes along with most other exercise can also help our mood by increasing the serotonin levels in our brain. 

Health Transformation 2021. Pharmhealth DCU can help you! Pharmhealth Pharmacy

So put a plan in place and get going! If you need any inspiration or help don’t hesitate to contact our pharmacy at Pharmhealth DCU and we will do our best to steer and encourage you in the right direction.


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