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Health Transformation 2017

The New Year has arrived and with it the opportunity to make a Health Transformation for 2017.  It’s time to forget about the indulgences over the Christmas season and put your best foot forward to pursue the long term goals you have always dreamed about.

Why choose this New Year then? Well, why not?

We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic, and according to Minister for Health Simon Harris; if things carry on as they are Ireland will be the most obese country in the world by 2020.

2017 can be Your Year.

Life is short, it is so important to live it well. If your planning to overhaul your health by starting a new fitness regime or eating more healthily you should also pay closer attention to what does and doesn’t make you happy. Maybe your emotional wellbeing needs a makeover too? Like everything else, keep the good, ditch the bad.

Every individual has the power and control to create their own pathways and destiny.

So how can Pharmhealth help?

Here at Pharmhealth Pharmacy DCU, we are running an 8 week programme to assist you with your Health Transformation 2017. Every Wednesday & Thursday, beginning Wednesday 11th January, Health Transformation 2017 participants are invited to visit the pharmacy at DCU Glasnevin campus and obtain professional, nutritional and healthcare support.

In addition to support, we offer FREE OF CHARGE

  • a weekly recorded weigh-in
  • Body Mass Index measurement
  • Initial Blood Pressure Measurement
  • 20% discount on selected health products in store

Our only requirement is to register a FREE account online through the Pharmhealth website. By doing so you can avail of our free weight loss tracker. Our online tracker will enable you to set your target weight, along with recording your weekly weights, giving you a graphical view of your progress as you continue throughout the 8 weeks.

What’s more the tracker will be available to you at any stage after Health Transformation 2017 has ended, to continue you health pursuit throughout the year and beyond.

Even better, each participant* who registers will receive a 20% discount on all appropriate nutritional aids, including sports nutritional products, vitamins & supplements, ihealth monitoring devices.

* Participants must partake in at least half of the 8 week programme to be entitled to the discounts on offer.

If you wish to include a more advanced health monitoring programme, we have created the following Health Transformation bundles at special rates to participants during the 8 weeks as outlined below. Just click which option you would like to include below and start the “New You” this year.

Health Transformation 2017

Bundle Offers


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