Hair Dyes - A First Time Dyers Guide

Hair Dyes - Hair Dye Colours and First Time Dyers Guide Pharmhealth Pharmacy

You have likely wondered before about dying your hair at home. While it can be daunting, with a little bit of patience it can be easier than you think, especially if you are doing a single all over colour or covering up some stray greys.

Choosing a colour can prove challenging to first time dyers. When dying your hair at home it is best to try and stay within 2 shades darker or lighter than your current colour. A good point to remember is that if your hair is shoulder length or longer you may need two boxes of hair dye to cover your whole head. Always do a stand test and a patch test the night before you decide to dye your hair to make sure the colour is what you want and ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the dye. This step will save a lot of tears and heartache in the end.

So, to make this dying process as simple as possible, here are a few tips to go by to make colouring your hair at home less scary.

  • First start off by taking the time to read the instructions that came with the dye you have chosen. Make sure your hair is at least three days old and not freshly washed as your natural oils help to protect your scalp and the dye will be able to penetrate deeper into your hair resulting in a better colour.
  • Brush your hair and divide it into four sections, two on top and two underneath, to ensure even coverage.
  • Rub Vaseline along your hairline and on your ears to protect them from becoming stained by the hair dye.
  • After you are done applying the dye to your hair wrap your hair in cling film or cover with a plastic bag. Some hair is more resilient to colour if you have thick hair or you are lightening your colour. Adding heat aids the dye getting into the hair and sticking.
  • Use a mixing bowl and brush instead of the bottle. This will give you more control of the product.
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment after washing your hair to lock the colour in.

Knowing the difference between the types of hair dye you can buy is crucial.

If you are not looking for a commitment, then stick to semi-permanent dyes such as L’Oréal’s casting crème gloss range. Semi-permanent dyes sit on the surface of the hair and last between 15 and 28 washes.

Permanent dyes such as Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy dye or the Schwarzkopf range of dyes combine ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to penetrate deep within the cortex of your hair and last up to six weeks.
Do not worry if your hair goes too dark after dying it. Use a clarifying shampoo like ‘Head and Shoulders’ to help lift some of the colour and lighten it up. If you need to tone down warm colours in your hair use a blue/purple shampoo to colour correct and cancel out your overly warm colour.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your hair has a green tint after bleaching/lightening your hair, use a red shampoo and conditioner to eliminate the green hue.
Caring for your newly coloured hair by using sulphate free products will maximise the vibrancy and retain your colour for longer.

Try and wash your hair as infrequently as possible and use a UV protector for your hair when out in the sun to prevent fading.

The key to dying your hair at home is to feel comfortable. Avoid drastic changes at home and make sure you read the instructions carefully before you dye your hair. Don’t forget that if you are worried about dying your hair at home and do not feel adventurous there is alternative options. L’Oréal’s magic retouch root touch up is an instant root concealer spray which allows you to rapidly cover up your roots and greys. Good luck on your DIY hair colouring journey at home and we hope you have fun experimenting.

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