A Guide to Halloween at home

A Guide to Halloween at home Pharmhealth Pharmacy

When I think back to Halloween when I was a child, heaps of great memories come to mind. Tearing up an old bin bag, throwing on a witches hat and slapping some green face paint on may sound terribly basic and boring to kids these days, but they are some stand out memories for myself and my siblings. This year with the government recommending staying at home and not to take your kids out trick or treating, we are forced to get creative to make Halloween as enjoyable as we can. We should prepare our kids now on what to expect and how this year may look to avoid any disappointment.
Here we have some fantastic ideas to help kick off the spooky season and still make this year safe and enjoyable for everyone. Why not take this opportunity and have a fun family day making your own costumes out of everyday objects around your house! Old yarn and a check shirt/dress can very easily be used to create a ragdoll costume for your child when coupled with rosy cheeks and exaggerated freckles face paint. Get your imaginations flowing – you may surprise yourself what you can come up, along with being simple and at very little cost. Go big decorating your house this year with pumpkins and spooky things. Get decorating your windows. You can carve pumpkins and have your children decorate them to pass away a fun afternoon when the weather may be a little dull to venture outside.
You can plan a spooky scavenger hunt so everyone will still get the thrill of trick or treating but in a safe environment. If you can manage to get your hands on some glow sticks these are perfect for placing in bags of sweets and then hiding them around your house/garden so when the lights go out the kids can enjoy a eerie but enjoyable hunt. Face painting will always be the most loved Halloween tradition, with many of us remembering queuing for ages to be turned into tigers and fairy princesses. There is no reason why this year cannot be the same! Just make sure you do a skin test 24 hours before using any make up on your children. Of course, face paint is not just for kids. With tons of new products becoming available every year and more SFX makeup becoming more popular there is no reason why we adults can’t have some fun this Halloween season playing with makeup and creating fantastical designs with all the products now available to us. To get your creative juices flowing we have made a short video of a simple yet spooky look using items you most likely already have in your makeup bag. Look over on our Instagram or Facebook page over the coming weeks to see what we were able to create using the makeup we have in-store. There are tons of outdoor activities you can do together to get into the Halloween mood if your house is starting to become a little claustrophobic like take a walk in your local park and hike through the autumn leaves, taking in the crisp fall air while of course maintaining social distance and keeping everyone safe. While Halloween will look different this year there are lots of fun and creative things you can do with your family and friends that are within your own social circle keeping everyone safe and healthy this spooky season.

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